Wind energy is Ontario's best option for new electricity supply

Today’s wind energy has many attributes that make it a great choice for electricity generation in Ontario, and having the lowest price tag is one of them.

  • U.S. prices have dropped 70% since 2009 (Lazard 13.0).
  • Global prices are anticipated to drop 48% by 2050 (Bloomberg 2019).

More renewable wind energy will be needed by Ontario to keep the cost of electricity affordable for the future.

A Cost-Competitive Solution

Wind energy developments are making positive and lasting economic contributions while helping to diversify rural and Indigenous communities across Ontario.

Between 2006 and 2030, Ontario’s wind energy industry can...

  • Generate 64,500 person-years of employment.
  • Generate $4.6 billion in personal earnings.
  • Add $6.2 billion to provincial GDP.

A Benefit to Communities

A Reliable Energy Partner

A Clean Solution

As demand for clean electricity ramps up, Ontario will increase its reliance on wind energy as a key technology that contributes low-cost power and flexibility to a modernized electricity grid.

  • One province and six U.S. states are reliably operating with over 20% of supply from wind energy.

Ontario can source more than one-third of its electricity from wind energy without compromising grid reliability.

Canadians are increasingly concerned about the impact of electricity generation on our environment and Canada has a long way to go if it is to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets consistent with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Fortunately, Ontario has an abundance of one of the most environmentally sustainable forms of electricity generation – wind energy.

Wind energy in Ontario

Reaching for Canada's emission reduction targets

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Wind energy is the lowest-cost source of new electricity generation

Wind power keeps our air cleaner and produces no greenhouse gasses

Levels of reliable wind integration are going up all over the world

Wind energy is good for investment, jobs and communities

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