Apr 10, 2018 to Apr 11, 2018

Calgary, Alberta





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Tuesday April 10

Opening Remarks, Canada’s Wind Markets Report, and Q&A on Wind Market Opportunities

Print file – Robert Hornung Opening Address

Opening Remarks and Session Audio File

Canada’s Wind Markets Report

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Get up to speed on recent and upcoming developments in Canada’s key wind energy markets. Learn how CanWEA and its members are engaging with regulators, system operators, and other decision-makers, and informing key planning processes and policies. Stay on top of evolving and emerging markets and decisions impacting the wind energy sector.

Q&A on Wind Market Opportunities
Session Sponsor: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Moderator:  David Estill, Sales and Strategy Manager, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

  • Brandy Giannetta, Regional Director – Ontario, CanWEA
  • Jean-Frédérick Legendre, Regional Director – Quebec, CanWEA
  • Evan Wilson, Regional Director – Prairies, CanWEA
  • Robert Hornung, President, CanWEA

Keynote Luncheon
Sponsored by:  GE Renewable Energy

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Electricity is a cornerstone of the modern economy and must be cost-competitive, clean and reliable. Wind energy production is making a rapidly growing contribution to electricity supply and this presentation will draw on real world experience and modelling work from across North America to provide an overview of the broad range of tools and approaches available to electricity system operators to manage the variability of wind energy generation as penetration levels increase. It will also examine how wind energy itself can make important contributions to a reliable electricity grid.

Global Success for the Integration of Wind Power
Jason MacDowell, Director of Industry & Policy, GE Energy Consulting

New Opportunities for Wind Energy in the Future Electricity Grid
Session Sponsor:  Senvion Canada Inc.

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Wholesale electricity markets around the world are evolving as they move to integrate increased levels of wind energy and other non-emitting resources. Aligning emerging system needs and helping to inform how wind energy can meet those needs is integral to this discussion. Hear from the system operators from Alberta and Ontario as they forge ahead in this regard with market reforms in their respective jurisdictions. A panel discussion will follow with leading market and industry experts that will highlight how the wind energy industry is advocating for design of procurement mechanisms to secure those products and services as a complement to, or as part of, procurement of low-cost wind energy.

AESO Presentation:  Dennis Frehlich, Senior Strategic Advisor, Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)

IESO PresentationAdam Butterfield, Senior Manager, Electricity Resource Development, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

Panel Discussion: Moderator:  Brandy Giannetta, Regional Director – Ontario, CanWEA

  • Alison Cumming, Manager of Markets, Power Advisory LLC
  • Leonard Olien, Manager, Markets and Analytics, Solas Energy Consulting Inc.
  • Samer El Itani, Team Leader, Electrical & SCADA, Senvion Canada Inc.

A Strong Foundation Part 1: Landowner Engagement

Session Audio File

Identifying an excellent wind resource is one thing, but a project won’t get off the ground without lease agreements with landowners willing to host wind turbines. This discussion will detail how wind energy developers are pursuing productive partnerships with ranchers, farmers, and other landowners. Glean insights on what to do—and what not to do—in the negotiation process and beyond, from leaders on both sides of the table.

Panel Discussion: Moderator:  Evan Wilson, Regional Director – Prairies, CanWEA

  • Michele Del Colle, Energy, Utilities, and Policy Specialist, Farmer’s Advocate Office, Government of Alberta
  • Ron Galbraith, Land Agent, Renewable Energy Systems Ltd
  • Jared Sproule, Lead, Business Development & Community Relations, BluEarth Renewables Inc.
  • Janice Redmond, Business Development/Project Manager, Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd
  • Glenn Miller, Energy Industry Chair, Olds College Land Agent Program

A Strong Foundation Part 2: Community Engagement

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This session will pick up where the landowner discussion left off by outlining what industry leaders have learned about productive community partnerships, and what communities working with wind energy developments have learned. Expect a showcase of what effective engagement looks like through a project’s development, construction, and operations phases.

Moderator:  Tracy Walden, Director of Media and Communications, CanWEA

  • Michele Del Colle, Energy, Utilities, and Policy Specialist, Farmer’s Advocate Office, Government of Alberta
  • Ryan O’Connor, Project Manager, EDP Renewables
  • Jay Shukin, Manager, Indigenous & Stakeholder Engagement, Capital Power Corporation
  • Mayor Chris Warwick, Town of Hanna, Alberta
  • Al Kemmere, President, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Wednesday April 11

Ensuring Successful Indigenous Partnerships
Session Sponsor:  Torys LLP

Session Audio File

Both Alberta and Saskatchewan have set expectations that Indigenous governments and communities will play a leading role in renewable energy procurements. In this session, hear from Indigenous leaders, as well as government and industry representatives, to gain understanding about how such agreements have worked in other jurisdictions, and the benefits and challenges associated with different approaches.

Moderator:  Valerie Helbronner, Partner, Torys LLP

  • Colin Asselstine, Catalyst 20/20
  • Doane Crow Shoe, President, Piikani Resource Development Ltd
  • Darren Huculak, Business Manager, Alberta, First Nations Power Authority
  • Nuno Louzeiro, Senior Advisor – Development, Partnerships & Community Relations, Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.

Fine-Tuning Environmental Management
Session Sponsor:  Hemmera

Session Audio File

When it comes to minimizing or avoiding prospective operational impacts to wildlife, regulators are increasingly encouraged by adaptive management approaches, which can reduce environmental management uncertainty in operating wind farms. Companies now have 12 GW worth of operational experience and data to draw upon from Canadian developments. This panel discussion will explore how the wind energy industry might best leverage this experience for projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Moderator: Marnie Dawson, ‎Principal, Renewable Energy Group, Prairie Sky Consulting

    • Michael Roberge, Head of Section, Environmental and Permitting Services, DNV GL
    • Charlie Palmer, Practice Leader, Environment Impact Assessment, Hemmera

Election Night in Canada
Session Sponsor:  Sussex Strategy Group

Session Audio File

In the next 14 months, governments may change in Canada’s three leading wind energy markets: Ontario will have an election this spring, Quebec will follow in the fall, and Albertans will head to the polls in Spring 2019. What is at stake for the wind energy industry? What can the industry do to help political stakeholders understand and facilitate stable markets? Get the low-down from three top government relations firms in these jurisdictions.

Moderator: Robert Hornung, President, CanWEA

Quebec Update: Frédéric Verreault, Director, TACT Intelligence-Conseil
Quebec Q&A Facilitator – Julie Cusson, Director, Public Affairs and Communications, Boralex Inc.

Ontario Update: Chris Benedetti, Principal, Sussex Strategy Group
Ontario Q&A Facilitator – Roslyn McMann, Director, Market Development, BluEarth Renewables Inc.

Alberta Update:  Jeff Sterzuk, President and CEO, Prairie Sky Consulting
Alberta Q&A Facilitator – David Thornton, Manager, Regulatory and Public Affairs, EDF EN

Keynote Luncheon
Sponsored by: Pattern Energy

PowerPoint Presentation

Luncheon Audio File

In some jurisdictions, wind energy has been a partisan political issue with conservative political parties working to slow or stop wind energy deployment. However, more and more conservatives are concluding that increased renewable energy use is strongly consistent with conservative values. In this session, one group of conservatives will make their argument for increased renewable energy in the United States.

How A Group of U.S. Conservatives are Changing the Politics of Clean Energy
Mark Pischea, President, Conservative Energy Network

A new national voice for the wind, solar and energy storage industries

On July 1, 2020, CanWEA and the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) united within the Canadian Renewable Energy Association to form one voice for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage in Canada.

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