Jan 29, 2020 to Jan 30, 2020

Toronto, Ontario

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The 2020 CanWEA Operations and Maintenance Summit extends an open invitation for the submission of abstracts for presentations at this year’s summit. Abstracts are to be 300 words long and must be submitted electronically to the program committee.

O&M Summit Themes

The Canadian wind industry is intensely focused on leading edge innovation at sites across the country. For this reason, the 2020 O&M Summit theme will be SOLUTIONS FOCUSED. The program will center on topics that have clear linkages to improved wind energy operations within the diversity of Canadian wind sites. Facing challenges head on, speakers will target solutions that work and serve a direct purpose. With health and safety running as an integrated element to all content, sessions will be as local and technically sound as possible.

Session Topics

CanWEA is seeking abstracts that address the topics outlined below. In each of these areas, we are looking for presentations that demonstrate an ability to thoroughly explore a focused topic. The industry is gaining a depth of experience with an expanding scope. To serve this audience, submissions must recognize the capacity of attendees to absorb technical subjects and make applications based on their growing expertise. Broad-sweeping or multi-topic abstracts should explain the specific applications for advancing wind power operations. Health and safety is inseparable from all topics and should be acknowledged within all submissions. Safety centric topics are also encouraged.

Advanced Control Strategies Accounting for local topography, workforce, turbine make and model, instrumentation, monitoring and control system technology; these speakers are focused on more megawatts, reduced loading and wider profit margins. This may be the silver bullet you’re looking for.
Multi-Technology Wind, solar and energy storage continue to align from high-level corporate objectives to every-day maintenance. This session draws on synergistic experiences operating renewable energy facilities. Knowledgeable professionals offer up what they’ve learned in this cutting-edge sector.
Advanced Inspections Going beyond the oil dipstick, presenters will open the box on inspection technology. Drones, automation, remote controls, infra-red, ultrasonic, artificial intelligence, acoustics, lasers and space age algorithms dominate this technical session.
Approaching End of Financed Life Individual sites will approach this milestone on their own time but be assured they will all face it. Accounting for the multi-faceted challenge of end of life planning is a big job. These experts will share their specialized knowledge on topics like financing, insurance, power purchase agreements, revenue stacking, workforce confidence, turbine and foundation health.
Forces of Nature Whether it’s climate change or Canadian infamy, operators on this turf live in a world of extremes. Find out what people are doing to handle extreme cold, lightning strikes, floods, fires and heat waves. Resilience is the key word.

Abstracts are due on Monday, September 30, 2019 and must be emailed to events@canwea.ca.

*CanWEA members in good standing will be given higher consideration over non-members for abstract selection.

** As a signatory to Equal by 30 and supporter of diversity & inclusion in the electricity sector, CanWEA encourages equal participation in the abstract submission process.

Why you should present at the 2020 CanWEA O&M Summit

The largest benefit of presenting is exposure to peers and colleagues. Presenters will have an opportunity to “talk shop” with people who do what you do and have the same challenges faced by owners, operators and manufacturers; most importantly, you will have an opportunity to share your experience/knowledge with others.

Other benefits include:

  • Meet and network with industry peers
  • Establish professional credibility by demonstrating knowledge, skills and experience
  • Opportunity to learn from others and discuss topics of common interest and concern
  • Grow your network, establish new contacts, identify new business opportunities and share your knowledge
  • Opportunity to showcase your personal and your company’s accomplishments
  • Opportunity to stand out from the crowd
  • Be actively involved in your own personal professional development