Jan 30, 2018 to Jan 31, 2018

Toronto, Ontario







Final Attendee List

Tuesday January 30, 2018 – Day 1

CanWEA Opening Remarks
(Opening Remarks and Session Audio File)

The Role of O&M on a Greening Grid
The future of Canada’s wind fleet  is directly connected to today’s shifting electricity markets and grid control strategies. The growing role of variable generation sources is changing the landscape, and creating opportunities for wind turbines to provide untapped grid services that increase reliability and add value for consumers. Our opening session will push the limits on  perceptions of how wind energy assets can contribute. From turbine design to substation maintenance to power purchase contracts, all aspects of wind facilities will play their part.

The Role of O&M on a Greening Grid
Charlie Smith, Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Charlie Smith, Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group

Key Topics on Health and Safety
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As the wind industry matures and experience deepens, there is a definite shift in how health and safety is addressed. New standards and regulations are driving us forward, but require continuous feedback to ensure they meet the needs of those working on site. In this session, experts will provide insight on what the wind industry needs to know around electrical safety, fall arrest equipment, up-tower rescues, as well as a glimpse into new strategies and techniques that are  coming down the line in Canada.

Moderator:  Dan Barker, ENERCON Canada Inc.

What the Wind Industry Needs to Know
Mike Doherty, e-Hazard

Fall Back – Climbing in the Wind Industry
Kurani Seyhan, SKYLOTEC North America L.P.

Advanced Rescue
Craig McLellan, Nouvelle Hauteur Inc.

Highlight of Relevant Standards and State of Development/Adoption
Marwan Alaydi, CSA Group

CanWEA Grid Services
(Session Audio File)
Expanding on the opening panel discussion, this set of presentations will give you the inside scoop on what CanWEA’s O&M Grid Services Committee has been discussing for the past year. Hear the experts talk about what they are doing to facilitate the expansion of wind’s participation in the electricity system, while ensuring its ongoing safety and reliability. Get the details on what is happening in Ontario and Alberta as market renewal activities continue full steam ahead.

Moderator:  Phil McKay, CanWEA

IESO, Operating Reserve and Flexibility
David Short, IESO

Accessing Additional Revenue Streams with Operating Assets by Providing Ancillary Services
Patrice Godin, ENERCON Canada Inc.

NERC CIP Requirements for Low and Medium BES Facilities
George Brown, Acciona Wind Energy Canada (presentation give by Krys Rootham)

Wind Farm in Pieces
(Session Audio File)
This is the session you’ve come to appreciate and expect at the O&M Summit: in-depth presentations on wind facility components from the experts who know them best. This year we’re digging right down to  the foundation with a discussion on concrete and tower repairs, to be followed by  examinations of gearboxes, blades and lifting solutions. In addition, we’ll tackle that critical piece of the machine that often gets neglected — the balance of plant.

Moderator: Rob Jozwiak, Enbridge Inc.

Installation and Repair Strategy for Onshore Wind Turbines Using Specialized Materials (Foundations and Towers)
Francis Mongeon, BASF

Balance of Plant – The Only Path to the Marketplace
Judah Moseson, Independent Energy Consultant

Saving Cost and Improving Efficiency by Eliminating Large Cranes for Major Component Corrective Repairs
Glen Aitken, LiftWerx

Leading Edge Erosion – Repair or Prevent?
Ville Karkkolainen, Bladefence Canada Ltd.

Improving the Life of Gearboxes and Lowering the Repair Costs
Daniel Charette, Moventas Gears Canada Inc.

The After Life
(Session Audio File – this is an incomplete file due to technical difficulties – our apologies)
As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. Some of us want to hang on a little longer, though. That’s why we’re talking about opportunities for repowering, extended service life, and the hurdles that need to be jumped to make it happen. Turbine manufacturers, service providers and researchers offer their insights into the increasing importance of life after year 20.

Moderator: Scott Harper, Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan)

Repowering Opportunities for North American Wind Sites
Sam Tasker, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Ltd.

Second Life:  Asset Management at the End of the PPA and Beyond
Hassan Shahriar, ENERCON Canada Inc.

Explorative Repowering Case Study: Blades Replacement
Matt Davison, Western University

Repairs, Verification, and Monitoring of Wind Tower Foundations for Extended Service Life
Joe Furgal, Vector Construction Ltd.

Acoustic Considerations for Uprating and Repowering
Payam Ashtiani, Aercoustics

Wednesday January 31, 2018 – Day 2

Smashing Roadblocks
(Session Audio File)
Smashing Roadblocks Whiteboard Sessions – PDF File
Don’t miss this whiteboard session as respected leaders put their ideas on the table for how to get over the roadblocks facing Canada’s O&M sector. A panel of OEMs and operators will nail down the major issues that are impeding progress and share their thoughts on what can be done about them. Attendees will take away new ideas for  improving their own business and collaborating with others to advance wind energy across the country.

Moderator:  Phil McKay, CanWEA

  • Sandeep Sharma, Capital Power Corp
  • Paul van der Weg, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Ltd.
  • Shaun Melander, Vestas – Canadian Wind Technology Inc.
  • JJ Davis, Kruger Energy Inc.

Data Deep Dive
(Session Audio File)
Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data, Meta Data, Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0. We’ve all heard these terms, but how do we get past the general concepts and down to the practical application. Our panel of experts will go beyond the buzz words and delve into what wind farm operators can actually do with all that data to make better decisions.The first part of the session  focuses on data management and decision making, while the second zeroes in on specific case studies where overlooked data was analyzed with significant results.

Moderator: Dariush Faghani, Arista Renewable Energies

ROUND 1: The Latest Concepts in Data Management

Challenges to Incorporate Rotor Blade Inspection and Maintenance Activities Into Your Big Data Solution
Chris Wraith, Complete Wind Corporation

Industry 4.0 Applied to Wind Farms: Missing Links to Convert Maintenance Data Into Optimization and Savings
Anjuna Langevin, ML6

Towards Hybrid Domain/Model Data-Driven Approaches For Real-Time Diagnostics Of Big Cross-Platforms Fleets And Its Economic Impact On O&M
Clay Gilkerson, NEM Solutions USA Inc.

ROUND 2: Identifying Losses

The Art of Quantifying Contractual Availability
Dariush Faghani, Arista Renewable Energies

Beyond O&M: The Value of Performance Services
Adam Chehouri and Martin Hamel, Hatch Ltd.

CanWEA Health and Safety
(Session Audio File – this is an incomplete file due to technical difficulties – our apologies)
For the past year, the CanWEA Health and Safety Committee has been coming together to advance topics on wind farm occupational health and safety. This session will highlight some of those activities, and put resources directly in your hands. Do you have a topic that you would like to learn more about? Participate in a roundtable discussion specifically targeted at your issue.  CanWEA O&M members will be on hand to collect information and take action in the coming year.

Moderator: Karl DeLooff, Acciona Wind Energy Canada

Best Practices for Icing and Cold Climate Health and Safety
Charles Godreau, TechnoCentre éolien

Tools from CanWEA’s OH&S Committee
Ben MacDonald, Vestas – Canadian Wind Technology Inc.

AWEA Current Activities
Michele Myers-Mihelic, AWEA


  • Confined Space – Ben Phaneuf, Kruger Energy Inc.
  • Wind Farm Communications – Émile Jacques, ENERCON Canada Inc.
  • Electrical Safety and LOTO – Karl DeLooff, Acciona Wind Energy Canada
  • Ergonomics – JJ Davis, Kruger Energy Inc.
  • Emergency Response – Ben MacDonald, Vestas – Canadian Wind Technology Inc.
  • Icing and Cold Climate – Charles Godreau, TechnoCentre éolien

Turning up the Heat on Wind Turbine Icing
(Session Audio File)
After years of hard work, progress is being made in the area of wind turbine icing. The data is coming in faster than ever before, allowing the industry to quantify losses and produce targeted solutions.  Hear the latest from researchers and scientists as they outline the progress made in combating icing losses.

Moderator: Robert Hornung, CanWEA

Survey Results: Cold Climate Operations in the Great White North
Shannon Hildebrandt, University of Calgary

Study of Cold Climate Impacts on 89 Canadian Wind Farms
Ryan Kilpatrick, CanmetENERGY NR Can

Evaluation of Icing Losses on Wind Farms
Nigel Swytink-Binnema, TechnoCentre éolien

Operational Validation of Anti-Icing and De-Icing Technologies
Philippe Cambron, Arista Renewable Energies

CanWEA Workforce Development
(Session Audio File)
Education and training is an important pillar of our industry.  This roundtable discussion will bring together educators, recruitment firms, OEMs and wind farm operators to explore how to best meet industry needs in this critical area. A few short presentations from various stakeholders set the stage, with attendees breaking off into table groups to discuss the path forward.

Moderator:  Phil McKay, CanWEA

Best Hiring Practices for O&M
Victoria Waye, Energeia Works

Strategy for Recruiting and Retaining Wind Techs
Mike Jablonicky, BluEarth Renewables


  • Mike Jablonicky, BluEarth Renewables
  • Victoria Waye, Energeia Works
  • Chris Delisle, Lethbridge College
  • Shannon Claggett, St. Lawrence College
  • Robert McAleney, Northern Lights College B.C.
  • Matt Davison, Western University

Technology Advancements
(Session Audio File)
You won’t want to miss this final session as we regroup and hear from the leaders in Canadian O&M innovation. Attendees will learn about the latest technology advancements aimed at increasing turbine performance, as well as new ideas under development for the future.

Moderator: Gabe Bloom, Senvion Canada Inc.

PowerConeTM: Aerodynamic O&M Enhancement Technology
Ryan Church, Biome Inc.

Preliminary Implementation and Results of an Internal Hot Air Blade De-Icing Retrofit
Daniela Roeper, Borealis Wind

Changing the Way Blade Inspections are Conducted using Technological Advances in Automation
Danny Ellis, SkySpecs

A new national voice for the wind, solar and energy storage industries

On July 1, 2020, CanWEA and the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) united within the Canadian Renewable Energy Association to form one voice for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage in Canada.

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