Wind is delivering clean, reliable
and low-cost electricity



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More cost competitive than new coal, hydro or nuclear.

Free fuel for life. Stable prices to protect consumers.

Costs are competitive and still declining.

Can be built quickly and incrementally to match needs.

Benefits delivered directly to local communities.

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CanWEA Connections Plus Montreal

Jun 6, 2018 to Jun 6, 2018

Montreal, Quebec

CanWEA Golf Tournament 2018 – Ontario

Jun 12, 2018 to Jun 12, 2018

Bolton, Ontario

CanWEA Golf Tournament 2018 – Alberta

Aug 22, 2018 to Aug 22, 2018

Calgary, Alberta

CanWEA Annual Conference and Exhibition

Oct 23, 2018 to Oct 25, 2018

Calgary, Alberta

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