WindVision Alberta

WindVision 2025: A Strategy for Alberta

Alberta is well positioned to take strategic advantage of its significant wind resource, access to skilled trades, and interest by independent power producers. Wind energy can provide substantial amounts of new clean electricity to Albertans while at the same time contributing to rural economic development and addressing concerns about increases in greenhouse gas emissions from the province’s broader energy sector. Without immediate action by policymakers, however, the pace of future development is in question.

CanWEA has identified two complementary policies that, if implemented together, have the potential to allow the industry to overcome these barriers.

  • Clean Electricity Standard: to impose a maximum greenhouse gas emissions-intensity level, measured in tonnes CO2e/MWh, on electricity sold by retailers in the province.
  • Increase in carbon price: a second supplementary measure is an increase in the $15/tonne carbon price imposed on large emitters under Alberta’s existing Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (SGER).

When it comes to benefits, the impact of developing the province’s wind energy resource is substantial. From an environmental perspective, every 150 MW wind farm built in Alberta:

  • Reduces Alberta’s GHG emissions by 300,000 tonnes a year
  • Reduces water consumption by 480 million litres a year, relative to natural gas generation

Wind energy development pays significant economic dividends as well. Every 150 MW of new capacity represents:

  • $316 million in investment
  • 140 full-time equivalent jobs in construction 
  • 10 permanent jobs in operations and maintenance
  • $17 million in lease payments to landowners over 20 years
  • $31 million in property tax payments to municipalities over 20 years 

Find out how this infinite source of clean energy can power Alberta’s future, create new jobs, and reduce our impact on the environment.

Download a copy of WindVision 2025: A Strategy for Alberta here.

Alberta WindVision Technical Overview Report

The WindVision for Alberta – Technical Overview is the supporting document providing technical details and analysis for four discrete aspects of the pending Alberta WindVision document. These four aspects include:

1. A map and textual overview of Alberta’s wind resource.
2. A summary and critique of Alberta Electric System Operator’s (AESO) 2012 LTO Stakeholder Presentation for future electricity supply and demand in the province and comments on the LTO update (LTOU) provided in September 2013.
3. Analysis on the levelized cost of different potential options for new electricity generation in Alberta and wind power’s relative cost competitiveness.
4. Development of three scenarios for wind energy development in the province.

Download the Alberta WindVision Technical Overview Report here.