Wind Data

Wind Data Overview

The Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study (PCWIS) evaluated 4,984 potential wind sites of which 346 were selected to perform the modeling in the four PCWIS scenarios.

Hourly Data – the hourly modelling data is available below for download.

Metadata – additional information for each wind site is available in the metadata file, such as location details, capacity, annual energy, and capacity factor for each wind site that has been modelled in the study. The metadata is available for download here.

10-Minute Grid Cell Data – the total size of data files for the entire collected 10-minute 2×2 grid cell meteorological and 100 meter power data are too large to download. Click here for details about how to access the 10-minute grid cell data.

All data is only available in English.

Downloadable Hourly Data

The data below provides the hourly chronological power profiles at each wind site location utilized for the Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study (PCWIS).

The data for each site is provided in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the values for each site are in gross output (MW), prior to maintenance losses, electrical losses, and potential curtailment. The power profiles include loss accounting for wake losses, cold weather and icing losses. All data is composed of aggregated data of individual 2×2 km grid cells.

The folder names for the data are based on the following naming convention.


  • SCENARIO = Scenario in the PCWIS Study, five per cent Business as Usual (5% BAU), 20 per cent Concentrated Wind Locations (20% CONC), 20 per cent Dispersed Wind Locations (20% DISP), 35 per cent Targeted Wind Locations (35% TRGT)
  • YEARS = Data for the years 2008 – 2010 chronology
  • TYPE = Actual (real-time), Hour Ahead Forecast, Four-hour Ahead Forecast, Six-hour Ahead Forecast, Day-Ahead Forecast


Five Per Cent Business as Usual Wind Data (5% BAU)

20 Per Cent Dispersed Wind Data (20% DISP)

20 Per Cent Concentrated Wind Data (20% CONC)

35 Per Cent Targeted Wind Data (35% TRGT)