Acknowledgements and Disclaimers

The Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study (PCWIS) was prepared by GE Energy Consulting and co-funded by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) through the ecoEnergy Innovation Initiative (ecoEII) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), with in kind support from each organization.

While produced with financial support from Natural Resources Canada, its contents do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Government of Canada.

The Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study could not have been undertaken without the generously offered time, commitment and data from members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and the support and feedback provided by CanWEA, NRCan, and DNV GL, the project advisor to CanWEA.

CanWEA is grateful for the support and guidance offered by the TAC, and wishes to thank the members and the organizations they represent for the important contributions they have made to this study. It should be noted that while members of the TAC were instrumental in ensuring the successful delivery of this work, the findings, opinions, conclusions and recommendations presented herein do not necessarily reflect those of the TAC members or the organizations they represent.

Technical Advisory Committee Members

The project team and CanWEA also acknowledge and thank Environment and Climate Change Canada which performed the mesoscale atmospheric modeling and provided raw wind-related data for the wind profiling and forecasting.

The French material related to the Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study is a translation of English originals. All reasonable efforts were made to provide accurate translation, however, in the case of a discrepancy, please refer to the English version of materials.