Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study

Project Overview

The Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study (PCWIS) assessed the operational and economic implications of integrating large amounts of wind energy into the Canadian electricity system.

The study’s findings indicate that Canada can get more than one-third of its electricity from wind energy without compromising grid reliability – and at the same time realize economic and environmental benefits.

The study focused on:

  • Developing a consistent database of chronological wind data for potential wind sites across Canada
  • Providing an improved understanding of the operational challenges and opportunities associated with high wind energy penetration in Canada
  • Exploring the operational and production costs and benefits of high wind penetration in Canada

PCWIS offers electric system operators, federal and provincial governments, policy makers, project developers, researchers and Canadian citizens wind integration data of a nature, type and extent never before available, providing insights for decision makers to inform the development of provincial, regional and North American energy policies that are realistically achievable and technically sound.

Wind Energy Today

Wind energy is an important source of clean, renewable energy and is one of the fastest growing major sources of new electricity around the world.

In Canada, wind energy capacity has grown by an average of 18 per cent annually for the past five years, making it the largest source of new electricity generation in the country.

Wind energy is now as or less expensive than all other sources of new electricity generation and supplies approximately six per cent of Canada’s electricity demand with enough power to meet the needs of over three million homes.

Wind Energy Tomorrow

The Pan-Canadian Wind Integration Study is timely, given the commitments by Canada and the provinces to shift to a low-carbon economy and the current North American goal of 50 per cent clean power generation by 2025.

To decarbonize our economy, Canada and the provinces along with other countries around the globe are taking steps to produce much more clean energy from a variety of renewable sources and to encourage the use of that clean electricity to help power the parts of our economy that currently run on fossil fuels, like transportation, shipping and how we heat and power our homes and businesses.

With a world-class wind resource, Canada is just scratching the surface of its clean wind energy potential. Wind energy will play an increasing role in delivering clean, safe and affordable power to Canadians.

Navigating the Wind Integration Study

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