Wind Facts


Wind Facts

Answering your questions about wind energy

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing major sources of new electricity around the world. In 2014, global wind energy capacity grew by 44 per cent, with the wind industry installing a record level of 51.5 GW of new clean, reliable wind power. Today, there are over 268,000 wind turbines operating around the world in over 90 countries.

While wind energy has enjoyed growing success in many countries for several decades, it is a relatively new contributor to the power system here in Canada. As such, it is natural to have questions. The WindFacts website is an initiative of wind energy industry leaders whose goal is to ensure Canadians have access to fact-based answers to their questions in order to make informed decisions about our energy future.

The WindFacts website contains facts and resources that address a number of areas of key interest to Canadians: how wind works, health, community, affordability and environment and wildlife. By logging in through top social media programs such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, visitors can also submit questions about wind energy on the Questions Page.

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