Wind Energy: Building a Stronger, Cleaner and More Affordable Power System in Ontario 

Ontario is Canada’s leader in clean wind energy with more than 3,500 MW of installed capacity, supplying over 3.5 per cent of the province’s electricity demand.  In 2012 – for the first time ever – more electricity was generated in Ontario using wind than coal. By the end of 2014, Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to eliminate coal as a source of electricity generation.

Wind energy is helping Ontario build a stronger, cleaner and affordable power system: creating new highly-skilled jobs and delivering local benefits at prices that are cost-competitive with other new sources of electricity. Ontario is a leader in new installations of clean wind energy, with close to 1,000 MW of new capacity delivered in 2014, worth more than $1.7 billion in new investments.

In recent years, the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program has successfully attracted investors to Ontario from around the world, facilitating investment and job creation that has made Ontario a North American leader in renewable energy development. Hundreds of much-needed jobs have been created in places like Windsor, Tillsonburg and Niagara, and thousands more in construction and local services.

In June 2013, the Ontario Minister of Energy directed the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to make changes to the FIT Program that included removing large energy projects and developing new competitive procurement that considers input from stakeholders, municipalities and Aboriginal communities to help identify appropriate locations and siting requirements.

In December 2013, the Minister of Energy released Ontario’s new Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) the new LTEP provides targets of 300 MW of wind energy procurement in both 2014 and 2015, with additional procurement opportunities identified for 2016.

Wind by the numbers in Ontario (December 2014)

Number of Installations:                               69
Number of Wind Turbines:                           1,852
Total Installed Capacity (MW):                     3,489.8
Average Turbine Capacity (MW):                 1.88

Additional Resources 

CanWEA offers additional technical information and full reports to its members. Visit the members only website and browse through CanWEA’s extensive Resource Library today.  Not a member?  To learn more visit CanWEA’s membership page or email sales@canwea.ca.

CanWEA’s submission to the Ontario Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) Review

In a submission to the LTEP Review, CanWEA recommends that 2,000 MW of new wind energy be procured over a 4 year period, beginning in 2014.

View the summary document here

Ontario should be a leader in wind and solar energy production, poll finds A 69 per cent majority of Ontarians agreed “Ontario should be a leader in wind and solar energy production”, compared to only 20 per cent that disagreed, according to the results of a January Oracle Research poll commissioned by CanWEA.

Ontarians say wind energy is one of the safest forms of electricity generation, new poll finds A recent Oracle Research poll commissioned by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) found that 78 per cent of Ontarians say wind energy is one of the safest forms of electricity generation.

IPSOS Reid survey shows strong support for wind energy in Ontario The survey shows that the vast majority of Ontarians support wind energy because of its environmental and economic benefits.

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