Wind energy is one of the fastest growing major sources of new electricity around the world. When CanWEA set a target of 10,000 MW of wind energy in Canada in 2000, there was only 137 MW of installed wind energy capacity operating across the country. In May of 2015, Canada surpassed the 10,000 MW threshold, one of only seven countries in the world to do so. Over the last five years, Canada’s wind energy capacity has grown by an average of 23 per cent annually and wind energy has been the largest source of new electricity generation in Canada. As we look ahead, we expect at least 1,000 MW to be installed by the end of 2016.

With a world-class wind resource, we are just scratching the surface of our clean wind potential. Canada needs a variety of new energy to meet our growing electricity demand and to help reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from our electricity sector. Wind energy will play an increasing role in delivering clean, safe and affordable power to Canadians.

It’s time for Canadians to start thinking big about wind energy, to power a greener future and to enjoy the benefits from the opportunities flowing from the world-wide growth in this industry. As a world leader, CanWEA believes we can and must reach a target of producing 20 per cent or more of our electricity from clean wind energy.

To make this vision a reality, CanWEA is calling on the federal and provincial governments to establish policies and programs that address five priorities:

  • Provide fair value for the environmental attributes of wind energy
  • Enhance wind energy procurement processes
  • Provide incentives to manufacturers of wind power equipment
  • Plan and build ‘wind-friendly’ transmission infrastructure
  • Streamline permitting and approval processes for wind energy projects

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