Wind Energy Markets

As governments and utilities across Canada weigh the need for affordable, reliable, clean and diverse electricity supply, they are increasingly seeing wind energy as a solution.

The cost of wind energy has fallen 60 per cent in the past five years, making it one of the lowest-cost generating technologies available today. It is a source of real, significant and sustainable greenhouse gas reductions, accelerating the shift to a low-carbon economy.

Wind energy facilities can be quickly brought on-line at a scale that matches increases in electricity demand, creating more efficient outcomes for consumers. As well, wind farms are a source of new income and jobs in the communities they’re located.

The Wind Markets pages take a detailed look at the progress that’s been made in Canada’s wind energy markets, the emerging opportunities for future growth, the costs and benefits of integrating large amounts of wind energy in the Canadian power system, and the burgeoning demand for operations and maintenance (O&M) services as the country’s wind turbine fleet expands.