What is the actual and perceived safety record for wind turbines?

Hi Brianna, wind energy is recognized as one of the safest and most environmentally friendly forms of new electricity generation around the world, and that is in part, due to the continued work by the industry to collaborate with world-renowned experts in science, medicine and occupational health to monitor ongoing research in the area of wind turbines and human health.

CanWEA and the wind industry also work closely with communities and individuals, as well as with regulatory agencies, to ensure wind energy developments are constructed and operated in a responsible and sustainable fashion, respecting both the community and the local environment. Setback guidelines for wind turbines are put in place to address public health and safety, minimize impacts, ensure acceptable sound levels for surrounding dwellings and promote good land use planning practices while balancing the economics and viability of the wind energy project.

For more information on this subject, please visit our website http://www.canwea.ca/wind-energy/talkingaboutwind_e.php

(Question answered March 2014)