Operations and Maintenance

Canada’s growing wind turbine fleet generates new business opportunities

Canada had 6,066 wind turbines totaling more than 11,200 MW of installed capacity operating at the end of 2015, the seventh largest wind generating fleet in the world. With wind energy costs still falling after already plummeting more than 60 per cent in the past six years alone, it will only continue to grow.

The need to keep these assets operating as safely and efficiently as possible is sparking a boom in the O&M side of Canada’s wind energy business, a market expected to increase from about $290 million a year today to an estimated $450 million by 2020, and bring new jobs and investment along with it. It is also driving the development of innovative new tools and technologies to unlock even more value from Canada’s investment in wind energy. Getting the most out of wind energy facilities is not only good for owners and operators, but also our environment and economy.

As we transition to a low-carbon economy powered by zero-emission technologies, the responsible and sustainable operation of our generating facilities ensures that wind energy will play a leading role.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association works closely with the industry to understand and respond to emerging needs in this area. Our initiatives include providing networking and information sharing opportunities for asset managers, collecting and analyzing data to support company and government decision-making, and developing best-practice guidelines to help operators ensure wind energy projects continue meet community expectations through their operating lives.

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