New report released to help enable U.S. imports of clean electricity from Canada

June 29, 2016

Recognizing Canada’s renewable energy advantage

Ottawa, Ontario, June 29, 2016 – Robert Hornung, President of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) issued this statement following the release of a report by the global economic consulting firm The Brattle Group titled, Enabling Canadian Electricity Imports for Clean Power Plan Compliance – Technical Guidance for U.S. State Policymakers. The report was prepared for a consortium of Canadian entities that includes CanWEA.

“Key to achieving our greenhouse-gas emission reduction goals in Canada and the U.S. is cleaning our shared electricity grid and using that non-emitting electricity to power other sectors. In Canada, 65 per cent of electricity generation comes from world class and inexhaustible renewable energy sources. This includes wind energy, for which cost-competitiveness has made it the largest source of new electricity generation in Canada for the past five years. The Brattle report finds that the language in the Clean Power Plan (CPP) provides minimal guidance on the actions U.S. states must take to ensure they create the conditions required to make use of clean energy imports from Canada within their State Implementation Plans and related energy policies. The report therefore provides a technical guide and recommendations that will help U.S. state policymakers to enable the potential of Canadian clean electricity imports to help meet CPP standards and other state-level environmental policy goals.”

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