Reaction to the Report of Quebec’s Commission on Energy

February 24, 2014

A long-term vision is required, says the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)

QUEBEC, Montreal – February 24, 2014 – Following today’s release of the Consultation Report of the Commission on Energy Issues in Quebec in the newspaper Le Devoir, the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) would like to address the context of certain observations made in the report. It would also like to recognize the vision of the successive governments since 2003, which has contributed to developing the wind energy sector and to creating wealth in Quebec. Now that the Commission’s report has been made public, CanWEA is requesting that the government reaffirm its pioneering position in support of Quebec’s energy development and the future of the wind energy industry.

Previous governments, rather than focusing on the short term, decided to look ahead and issue requests for proposals that would drive the development of our industry. This approach goes back a long way in Quebec’s history of energy development: regardless of the temporary energy surpluses in Quebec in the 1970s, the province was already a forerunner in energy development, paving the way for projects like the La Grande and Manic complexes. These major energy projects enabled Quebec to develop economically and to focus on the significant benefits that the energy industry offers over other markets, in which various companies were operating and new companies may still come up.

CanWEA understands that the Commission’s report offers options in the form of recommendations by the Commission’s co-chairs, and that it in no way represents the position of the Quebec government. Nevertheless, little has been said in the past few days about the undeniable fact that energy development in Quebec is a catalyst for economic development in the province’s regions and in Montreal. On that topic, the Commission’s report does note the strong popularity of wind energy in the briefs received, 56 of which recommend that development of the sector continue.

The wind energy sector itself is made up of 150 businesses that form an integrated supply chain and provide 5,000 full-time jobs through developers, builders and suppliers. Every year, our industry contributes an average of $473 million to Quebec’s GDP and approximately $75.4 million to tax revenue. By 2015, about $10 billion will have been invested in wind energy development in Quebec. It should be noted that the wind energy commissioned in Quebec in 2014 is cost competitive with all new forms of energy production commissioned in the province over the same period.

The wind energy industry contributes to Quebec’s economic development, creates cutting-edge expertise, attracts investments and produces clean, reliable and affordable energy for all Quebec electricity consumers.

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