Why Membership?

What CanWEA can do for you

About CanWEA Membership

Why become a member of CanWEA?  Here are the top 5 powerful reasons to join today.

A Powerful Future

Membership fees directly fund core CanWEA services, including policy, advocacy and strategic communications work to advance the industry.  Our members are Canada’s wind energy leaders: wind energy owners, operators, manufacturers, project developers, consultants and service providers.  Be a leader.

A Powerful Voice

Membership means you have a powerful voice in the industry.  CanWEA has established a number of caucuses, committees, and working groups which are open to members only. These groups provide a networking forum to assist in policy developments, research, strategic communications and advocacy initiatives.  Top-tier members also have access to meetings with Federal and Provincial officials.  All members help set direction and priority for CanWEA action.  Be heard.

Powerful Networking Opportunities

CanWEA is the hub of the wind energy industry in Canada.  Our annual conference attracts up to 1,200 energy professionals and over 100 exhibiting companies providing an excellent platform for learning, networking and business opportunities.  Throughout the year, CanWEA also hosts CanWEA Connections  – a series of valuable networking events where members come together to discuss the latest opportunities and topics within the industry. Members receive discounts, branding, sponsorship and speaking opportunities at all CanWEA events.  Be seen.

Powerful Information

Membership means you stay connected. CanWEA is Canada’s leading source of credible information on wind energy and its social, economic and environmental attributes. Members receive the latest industry news and information via our publications and have access to powerful national and regional communications material that maximize the value of projects, increase social acceptance and growth of the wind energy sector in Canada.  Get connected.

Powerful Public Outreach and Advocacy

CanWEA focuses its communications efforts on awareness, education and community outreach to help build social acceptance of wind energy in Canada. The communications team focuses its efforts on media relations and public outreach; sharing testimonials and the local benefits of wind energy; the production and distribution of factual resources; and the development of a grassroots campaign to support wind energy development. Take action.