Biogas Knowledge Workshop and Tours

04/03/2014 - 04/04/2014

Biogas Association

Biogas Knowledge Workshop and Tours

Avril 3-4, 2014

About the 2014 Program

The Biogas Association is proud to present a comprehensive, new program this year that is designed to help potential new operators understand the opportunity and benefits associated with biogas systems, and address their concerns through detailed information and analysis, and lessons learned from existing operators. The event also meets the needs of operators with existing systems that are striving to learn more and optimize their systems. The 2014 Building Biogas Knowledge Workshop and Tours will bring together members, invite the participation of non-members, and will help expand the industry. The program will focus on timely and informative topics related to biogas, and will include engaging speakers. There will also be an opportunity for great networking among peers and industry representatives.

The events will be held in Guelph, Ontario in early April, 2014. There will be two separate workshops: one for developers and another for operators. These will be followed by an informative tour of three area biogas systems featuring a range of technologies, capacities and feedstocks. See highlights of our highly successful 2013 event.