Small Wind Energy

Generating electricity from small or distributed wind energy sources typically involves smaller wind turbines found at homes, farms, businesses and public facilities, which off-set all or a portion of on-site energy consumption. Small wind turbines are very different than large wind turbines. Large turbines, often grouped in wind farms, are widely used by utilities across Canada to provide electrical energy to electricity grids. Although small wind turbines may look like miniature versions of large turbines, there are important differences in technology, purchase decisions, application requirements and value of generated electricity.

A small wind system can be used on-grid (for a cottage, home, farm, or business) or off-grid (for a boat, RV, cottage, home, farm, business, remote community, or remote station):

  • For on-grid, small wind can help supplement your grid electricity and reduce your dependency on the local electrical utility.
  • For off-grid, small wind can help provide electricity to remote locations for both seasonal and year-round use.
  • For isolated grids (not connected to the national electrical grid), small wind can help reduce the use of diesel generators, thereby saving fuel costs and reducing pollution.

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