2015 Power of Wind Contest Winners

October 7, 2015

For the past four years CanWEA has celebrated Global Wind Day on June 15, a day set aside to discover wind energy and the possibilities it holds to change our world, by asking post-secondary students across the country to join this important conversation. We launch our annual Power of Wind contest, inviting students to submit multimedia and written entries capturing why harnessing wind power and promoting its continued growth is important to Canada’s energy future.

Reviewing their submissions has become one of the most rewarding and inspiring parts of my job. And picking the winners has become one of the most difficult.

It’s rewarding because it shows me just how aware students are of the environmental and energy challenges we face, how eager they are to make a change, and how thoughtful they are about solutions. These young people, our leaders of tomorrow, really get it. And it’s been interesting to see how their thinking has become more sophisticated, even in just the last four years. As the climate change discussion develops nationally and internationally, I am seeing real proposals for real action. To them, wind energy is not part of some idealized future, but a technology that is already making a difference and capable of contributing even more.

It’s inspiring because of the unique and creative ways students find to express themselves. It is easy for our industry to get caught up in detailed explanations of who we are and the benefits of what we do, to over-think our message. It’s good to be able to step back and see how a piece of art, or a one-minute video, can convey complex concepts in a simple, thought-provoking, and accessible way.

Finally, it’s difficult because this year we received more than 200 captivating entries, ranging from written blogs to poetry, songs, artwork and videos. Narrowing them down to three winners, each of whom will receive a $1,000 bursary from CanWEA, was next to impossible. But in the end, we managed to select three submissions that focused on how we can build on the positive progress we have already made to ensure Canada takes its place as a wind energy leader.

This year’s Power of Wind contest winners, announced this week during CanWEA’s 31st Annual Conference and Exhibition in Toronto, are:

  • Sacha Perry-Fagant from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec for the most creative submission. Sacha conveys just what is so great about the concept of renewable energy in a creative, simple and though-provoking manner. It’s a video we should all watch and share!
  • Caleb Winters from the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario for best use of multimedia. Caleb submitted an excellent video in English and French called Led by the Wind. Truly a showcase of the extraordinary talent and knowledge demonstrated by youth today, his work gets the message across that solutions are right before our eyes; we need to take action and make change happen. As Caleb says, “Imagine a movement led by the wind.”

The winning entries can be found online on the Friends of Wind website. Please take a few minutes to have a look. I think you’ll be as impressed as I am.

Lejla Latifovic
Senior Communications Advisor at the Canadian Wind Energy Association